Post-pandemic changes in consumer habits and behaviors among ethnic consumers in U.S.A. 


Sparkle Insights and The Filipino Channel unveil a new study "Optimistic and Resilient, Multicultural Consumers Power the Pandemic Economy and Beyond" on consumer behaviors during the pandemic, outlook for 2022 and media consumption. More than 1500 online interviews were conducted in January 2022 on Caucasians, Hispanics, African Americans and Asian consumers. The study sheds light on behavior changes in grocery shopping, online shopping, consumers' mindset, attitudes towards diversity and inclusion, media consumption preferences, and outlook for 2022, among others. Know the consumer insights to some of the key questions, including:

  1. Are multicultural consumers more cautious in embracing the new normal than the general market? 

  2. How do the various multicultural ethnicities feel about the on-going inflation?

  3. Do multicultural consumers have higher support in broader environmental, social, and governance issues than the general population?  

  4. Are brands and products in ethnic media viewed in a more favorable light?

  5. How did the pandemic change the spending habit of the ethnic consumers?

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