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Subscription Plan ​    IPTV PREMIUM PLAN​
Payment Required / Subscription Fee​    $25.99 MONTHLY
Subscription / Contract Period ​    12 months​
Set Top Box /Delivery Cost​​    Waived
Add-On ​    Kapamilya Box Office (KBO) Unlimited​​
Monthly Fee    $7.99
  Contract Period: ​    Monthly​


Promo pricing is valid for the subscription / contract period indicated above. At the end of the subscription period, unless otherwise instructed by the customer, the subscription will be renewed at the prevailing subscription rates on the time of renewal. The IPTV Premium Promo Plan has a contract period of 12 months. If the subscription is pre-terminated prior to contract end, a pre-termination fee of $300 applies. For the TFC Online entitlement, Customer Service will be sending an email regarding the process and activation of your account.

Once activated by customer, the Kapamilya Box Office (KBO) Unlimited Add-on ("Add-on") shall recur monthly. Customer may cancel the Add-on by calling the Customer Service Hotline. Customer shall be refunded the full amount of the Add-on when customer cancels within the five (5)-day grace period of customer’s billing cycle. Customer shall be billed the full amount of the Add-on when customer decides to cancel after the grace period or beginning the sixth (6th) day after the billing cycle.


Check if this is same address for the set top box delivery.​


The IPTV Box will be delivered no more than 7 business days after payment has been confirmed. Please call 1800 ABS CBN (1800 227 226) to activate your box. Should it remain inactive 30 days after receipt, ABS-CBN shall automatically activate the subscription. Upon activation, subscription will be subject to monthly service fees and/or pre-termination fees as applicable.

Do you have an existing broadband service provider:

NOTE: ADSL is REQUIRED for IPTV to operate. If you don’t have an existing Broadband Service, you will need to apply for one. ABS-CBN recommends a speed of ADSL 2 for video streaming to operate. A monthly data plan of at least 100GB is recommended for an average daily viewing time of 5 hours. The recommended data plan EXCLUDES any other internet consumption. To accommodate Background Downloading for 5 hours worth of shows daily, it is recommended that a 32GB USB is used; and downloaded shows should be erased weekly.


Get free TFC-IPTV viewing credits up to 30 days for every successful referral.

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